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John Broskie
Mortgage Banker
NMLS #180968, Licensed in FL & VA

258 Southhall Lane Suite 310, Maitland, FL, 32751
Office: 321-430-0528 x 5563 | Mobile: 407-493-3868 | Fax: 855-762-7716 |

John Broskie has been helping Florida homebuyers for over 12 years. An expert in both mortgage and customer care, he listens to each client, looks at entire the financial picture as it relates to mortgage, and develops a strategic plan for them.
John has always worked in an environment where the delivering the ultimate in customer care was the standard. Combining that high level of service with his extensive mortgage knowledge, he instantly relates to his clients and gains their trust. He says, “They can tell that I care about them and they quickly learn that I have their best interest at heart.”
John, who entered the mortgage industry in 2004, recently joined our Orlando branch to help homebuyers across the State of Florida. Known among industry professionals as a very honest and creative person who gets the job done, he says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to assist clients in homeownership, even if they’ve had circumstances that negatively affected their credit profile. I’m here to help them. I truly care.” John is available to answer questions for his clients 24/7.
A member of the Northland Community Church, John is active in its Helping Hands ministry, which helps people in the community through service projects.

About Realty 320

Realty 320 is a new kind of brokerage, focused on our customers and their Real Estate. We give more options and more control over the outcome by offering multiple methods of selling your property, managing a rental property (or whole portfolio) or even just buying your property for cash at a fair price. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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